19 Election Appeal Petitions Pending Disposal

9th, March 2018

Court case summary statistics before the Court of Appeal show that in January this year; a total number of 27 election appeal cases were brought forward for hearing.

Court Summary Statistics made by the Ag. Registrar Court of Appeal, HW Tadeo Asiimwe, further show that in January, 2018 one election appeal was registered, six appeals were completed leaving 22 appeals pending.

In the month of February 22, 2018 election appeal petitions were brought forward for hearing; no fresh election appeal petition was filed at the court. Three appeals were concluded with 19 election appeals pending hearing.

In March, there are 19 election appeal petitions that were brought forward.

About the petitions

In 2016, the year in which the general elections were held throughout the country, a total of 110 election appeal petitions were filed before the Nakasero-based court. Of these, only four were heard and disposed of that year.

Last year, the majority (90) of the election petitions were heard and disposed of.

By and large, there are 19 election appeal petitions pending disposal as of March 2018.

The Court of Appeal is the last court in the country to handle and settle parliamentary and local council election appeal disputes that have arisen from magistrate and high courts.