Kiboga High Court Circuit Criminal Session kicks-off

22nd, January 2024

Hon. Justice JamsonKaremani, the Resident Judge Kiboga High Court Circuit on Monday January 22,2024 presided over the opening of a High Court Criminal Session where 36 casesare going to be handled.

According to thecause-list issued by the Court's Deputy Registrar, HW Mutatiina NatukundaAngella, 28 files are in respect of Aggravated Defilement offenses. Six filesare Murder cases, one Aggravated Robbery and one Aggravated Child Traffickingcase. 

Prior to the start ofthe Session, Hon. Justice Karemani had held a pre-session meeting with justiceactors on January 11 to agree on how the second part of the session that beganin December would be conducted.

During the meeting, Hon.Justice Karemani was concerned with the growing trend of parents and teachersinvolved in defilement cases which he attributed to lack of sensitization. Hecalled on the stakeholders to carry out sensitization programs, as many accusedpersons didn't consider it a crime to have sex with 16 or 17-year olds.

He appealed to leadersto mobilize the masses into money-making activities so that they do not gettime for committing offences.