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Chief Justice Katureebe Visits Utah courts
Jim Gash, Andrew Khaukha, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and Judge Michael DiReda

OGDEN: A voyage across continents came full circle this week, as Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart Katureebe of Uganda is on a tour of the Salt Lake City of Utah's justice system. He will be in Utah until Thursday, May 11 2017.

Hon.Justice Katureebe, the fourth-most-powerful figure in the nation of Uganda met 2nd District Court Judge Michael DiReda when the Ogden judge visited Uganda with the Global Justice Project in the summer of 2016. Judge DiReda recalled meeting Hon. Justice Katureebe in his chambers in Uganda in 2016 and presenting him with a coffee table book of Utah landscapes. Judge DiReda extended an invitation for the official to come for a visit. 

On Monday, May 8 2017, Hon. Justice Katureebe sat next to Judge DiReda on the bench in Ogden's court house as Judge DiReda went through his law and motion docket. They heard from a man accused of arson, several alleged probation violations, a candidate for mental health court, and the accused perpetrator of an assault. Hon. Justice Katureebe followed along with a printed docket sheet and laptop.

Asked what he noticed about Utah's court system, Hon. Justice Katureebe told the Standard-Examiner, "It's interesting. In Uganda, they don't have all of the technical assistance you have." 

Judge DiReda has arranged meetings between Hon. Justice Katureebe and officials from many layers of Utah judiciary and government, including Gov. Gary Herbert. "The more people there to collaborate with him," Judge DiReda said, "the better the outcome will be as he reframes Uganda's justice system." 

Judge DiReda noted that Hon. Justice Katureebe 's visit to Utah isn't just a pit stop on the way to a more frequented U.S. destination.  "We weren't just a blip on the radar;he made a point to come here," Judge DiReda said, "which I consider a great honor." 

Source: Uganda's Chief Justice Katureebe Visits Utah courts

Posted 10th, May 2017
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