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Courts Remain Open as Prosecutors Go on Strike
Court hearings taking place without state prosecutors at Buganda Road Court.

Judicial officers at different levels continue to conduct court business despite the absence of state attorneys. As government prosecutors under the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) continue with their sit-down strike, courts countrywide will remain open.

All courts shall remain open on Wednesday (July 12, 2017) and onwards, according to the Chief Registrar His Worship Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa. "The public should not be confused by anyone our courts shall continue with normal operations," said H/W Gadenya.

Judicial officers at the different courts are adjourning all criminal matters, handled by the office of the DPP, to the next convenient date hoping that by then the strike will have been resolved.

Hearing of civil matters is ongoing and in some courts, judicial officers are using the strike as an opportunity to engage court clients on court processes.

Mr. Solomon Muyita, the Senior Communications Officer of the Judiciary said while prosecutors from the office of the DPP are on strike, other institutional prosecutors from the Inspector General of Government, utility bodies and private lawyers, who are not in the structures of the DPP, are carrying on with court business.

He adds, "Suspects whose files had already been sanctioned by state attorneys have appeared before courts and remanded."

He urged litigants with matters in courts not to shun courts. "Litigants with matters at the different courts need to seek guidance from judicial officers at the courts to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law."

Mr. Muyita is optimistic that meetings being held by different stakeholders will seethe standoff resolved.

Mr. Baxter Bakibinga, the president Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP), says the strike is indefinite because government has failed to commit itself on addressing their grievances as earlier agreed.

Prosecutors under their umbrella organisation Uganda Association of Prosecutors last month gave the government a 14 day ultimatum to increase their salaries and secure promotions for those on lower ranks who have been serving for quite a long period of time.

Prosecutors are attorneys who handle criminal cases on behalf of the State. 

Posted 13th, July 2017
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