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Chief Justice Tips SUGAR Officials on Corruption Fight
The SUGAR team with the Hon. Justice Bart Katureebe(CJ) (M), Hon. Justice Gadenya(3 R), HW Muwaata(L) and HW Wamala(2 L)

The Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart M. Katureebe, says the corruption fight requires a multi-faceted approach, taking the perspective of the whole country.

He said the answer would be in making corruption more risky and less paying.

He made the remarks while meeting a senior technical team of the Strengthening Uganda's Anti-Corruption Response (SUGAR) Technical Advisory Facility.

SUGAR officials: Ms Valentine Namakula and Ms Janine Rauch, briefed the Chief Justice on their plans for the next two years during a meeting that took place at the Judiciary headquarters. They sought CJ's insight on the planned two-year project.

Asked how the officials have found the fight against corruption in the country,the officials said there are many inter-sectoral strategies to support the fight.

The CJ said there is need to minimize or eliminate human contact, which facilitate opportunistic corruption. He said automation of court systems is the answer.

The meeting was attended by High Court Judge in Charge of Judiciary Projects, Hon.Justice Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa and Registrar High Court, HW Isaac Muwata and the Principal Legal Secretary, HW Boniface Wamala.

Hon. Justice Gadenya said there is need for change of attitudes adding that Judicial Officers all need to be re-skilled continuously.

Hon. Justice Katureebe said that the Code of Conduct needs to be turned into Standing Orders so as to enforce discipline in service.

He said Judiciary's Communications Team would be supported to strengthen positive communication and emphasis on the achievements in the court system.

Posted 9th, April 2018
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