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Help the Poor, Hon. Janet Museveni Tells Christian Lawyers

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni, asked lawyers and judicial officers to emulate the biblical principles of truth,righteousness, compassion, love and forgiveness in the administration of justice.

She made these remarks as she opened the Christian Lawyers Conference held at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

The Conference which was held under the theme: "Biblical World View  in Promoting Efficient and Effective Administration of Justice" was organized by Pepperdine University, Uganda Law Society, Campus Crusade in Christ and Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity.

Ms Museveni asked the lawyers to fight for the rights of the poor, orphans and widows.

Speaking at the same conference, the Deputy Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo, asked officers to use the bible analogies of justice and apply it in practice.

He said the story of Adam and Eve should also teach officers that everyone deserves a right to be heard before condemnation.

The DCJ urged judges to exercise compassion and give room for reformation, saying the principles are guiding tools in the formulation of laws and writing of judgments.

Supreme Court Justice, Hon. Lady Justice Stella Arach Amoko asked Christian judges to practice what they preach and exercise self control in tempting situations, for instance, when a suspect offers to bribe them.

Pepperdine University Dean, Mr Danny DeWalt condemned lawyers who use the law to justify their selfish interests. He asked them to seek the Lord's guidance and to be empathetic to the poor.

Posted 25th, June 2018
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