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Lawyers, Bankers Root for Independent Arbitration Centre

The Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) and Uganda Law Society (ULS) on Tuesday August 8, 2018 met the Principal Judge, Hon. Justice Dr Yorokamu Bamwine, to discuss the draft International Centre for Arbitration and Mediation in Kampala (ICAMK Arbitration Rules) 2018.

The group that sought the Principal Judge's views on the proposed Rules, also informed him about their plans to establish an independent Arbitration Centre in Kampala "to deal with the ever-increasing commercial disputes."

The Interim Coordinating Committee for the creation of ICAMK, comprising of UBA and ULS members, told the PJ that the planned Arbitration Centre is intended to complement the existing Centre for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (CADER) hosted at the Commercial Court in Kampala.

Hon.Justice Dr. Bamwine welcomed the idea "considering that there is no adequate funding for mediators, yet mediation is compulsory". 

He however, advised against making services at the Arbitration Centre costly for litigants, which may in the end hinder access to justice.

He also encouraged ULS, through its Legal Aid Centre, to train Local Council Courts as a way to consider both formal and informal justice.

Posted 8th, August 2018
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