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CR Emphasizes the Need to Update Registers
HW Esta Nambayo , the Chief Registrar (Middle), to her right Justices Dr. Zeija and Lady Justice Kavuma and other members of team

MBARARA: The Chief Registrar, HW Esta Nambayo, called for the regular update of case registers as well as the Court Case Administration System (CCAS).

"It is difficult to show output of the Judges when CCAS is not updated. The picture shows very little has been done," she said during a meeting held with staff entering data for the physical file count of court files ongoing at Mbarara High Court.

In the meeting which was attended by the  Resident Judges: Hon. Justice Dr Flavian Zeija and Hon. Lady Justice Joyce Kavuma, the CR tasked the Court's Ag Deputy Registrar, HW Sarah Mponye, to ensure that the registers and CCAS are regularly updated.

"Both CCAS and manual registers do not tally...always check the system to ensure that your files are updated."

The meeting was also attended by Registrars HW Tom Chemutai and HW Susan Abinyo as well as Judiciary Technical Advisor, Mr Andrew Khaukha.

On his part, the Mbarara Senior Resident Judge, Hon. Justice Dr Zeija, thanked CR and her team for spearheading the cleanup exercise.

"We have a challenge with data and CR and her team have started us off...what we dispose of and what ends up in CCAS are different," said Hon. Justice Dr Zeija.

He noted that manual registers are not updated and some incomplete files are archived.

He tasked the systems administrator to ensure that CCAS records are updated simultaneously with records in the manual register. "I will be checking CCAS to see progress being made."

Hon.Justice Dr Zeija commended the court's registry in-charge for her efforts in trying to reorganize files in the registry.

It is expected that the physical counting exercise will be concluded in a week's time.

Mbarara and Masaka high courts are in the first phase exercise geared at re-organizing court registries and data cleaning.

The general objective of the re-organization exercise is to reconcile the manual record of the available cases including their status with the automated recording the CCAS.

Posted 4th, March 2019
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