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Court Case Census Goes to Jinja
HW Esta Nambayo with the team during the physical counting of files

JINJA: The process of ascertaining physical files kicked off at Jinja High Court.

The exercise that will last two weeks is part of the efforts to synchronize the manual case register and the Court Case Administration System (CCAS).The Chief Registrar, HW Esta Nambayo, is leading the physical file count exercise.

The CR who led a team comprised of the Registrar Magistrates Affairs and Data Management,HW Susan Abinyo; Technical Advisor, Mr Andrew Khaukha and a representative from the ICT department, emphasized that the exercise was meant to resolve the disparity between the manual register and the CCAS.

According to a status report generated by the ICT Department, Jinja High Court has 4,789 matters pending.

The Jinja team were encouraged to pick proper register books to ensure all necessary fields of information are captured.

The CR urged the registry staff to ensure that Land Matters have a specific register.

She urged the clerks who go to court to ensure that they utilize the Daily Update sheets to ensure that court records are regularly updated on both CCAS and the manual register.

According the Jinja Deputy Registrar, HW Jesse Byaruhanga, each clerk who attends court is given a book to update the court record.

It was agreed that the Jinja team would have daily reviews with the Deputy Registrar to assess progress.

The same exercise was rolled out to the Jinja Chief Magistrate's Court.

It was agreed that the teams constituted to take part in the data cleaning exercise would start with files in the CM's court before cascading it downwards.

During a meeting with the CR, the Judicial Officers at the station said they had embarked on implementing to get rid of case backlog at the court.

The CR commended their efforts but urged them to come up with realistic work plans and share them with her office.

The Judicial Officers asked for guidelines on how to conduct plea bargains in the magistracy. They further asked for clear procedures on how to access locus funds.

It was also pointed out that staff need capacity-building programmes on record keeping, public relations, CCAS Management and financial management, among others.

Jinja High Court becomes the fourth court this year to benefit from the re-organization of court registries and data cleaning exercise after Masaka, Mbarara and Mukono Courts.

Posted 10th, April 2019
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