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ICD Appreciates Former Judges
(L-R) Hon. Justice Dr Adonyo(Head, ICD), Hon. Justice Dan Kiiza(retired Judge) receiving an appreciation gift from Hon. Justice Owiny-Dollo(DCJ)

KOLOLO: The International Crimes Division of the High Court on Thursday (November 21, 2019) held a partyto, partly; appreciate judges that previously served at the Division, including some who have since retired from service.

Judges recognized for their outstanding contribution to the development and performance of ICD include: the Deputy Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, the Principal Judge, Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine and Court of Appeal Justice, Hon. Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi. 

The recognized retired judges were Hon. Justice Moses Mukiibi (former head of ICD),Hon. Lady Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli, Hon. Justice Dan Akiiki Kiiza and Hon. Lady Justice Elizabeth Nahamya.

The occasion was also also used to welcome to the Kololo-based Court Justice Dr.Henry Peter Adonyo, as the new head.

In addition to those recognized, were the other ICD Judges: Hon. Lady Justice Jane Kiggundu (Deputy Head ICD), HW Esther Rebecca Nasambu (formerly Ag. ICD Asst.Registrar), HW Beatrice Stella Atingu (current ICD Asst. Registrar), Ms Florence Akello (Assistant DPP), Mr. Stanley Baine (Principal State Attorney), Mr Caleb Alaka (Defense Counsel), and Mr. Henry Kilama Komakech (Victim Counsel).

The Deputy Chief Justice said he was privileged to have served such a court and have it on his Curriculum Vitae. "Anybody who thinks Judges at ICD do nothing is talking out of ignorance."

Hon.Justice Dollo noted that the success of ICD is measured on the cases that do not go to the ICC.

Hon.Justice Dr Bamwine thanked the ICD for being the first Division to invite and bid him farewell, adding that he was set to retire on the December 25, 2019 proud that he has no pending work on his desk.

The Principal Judge encouraged the judges at ICD to embrace the ADR initiatives he had engineered such as Plea Bargain to expedite the handling of matters.

Hon.Justice Dr. Adonyo thanked the past judges at the ICD for having kept the Court's flag high and having left a legacy, which the new Judges will endeavor to maintain. He said an ICD Judicial Bench Book is now in production and would be a step in the right direction.

Retired Hon. Justice Justice Mukiibi said that the although ICD is highly regarded outside Uganda, the court is lowly regarded within Uganda and it still struggles to get resources for its operations. "Don't be amongst those who doubt whether ICD should continue to exist. Be advised that ICD practice is the modern way to go," said Hon. Justice Mukiibi.

Posted 22nd, November 2019
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