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SCP Rolled Out at Rubirizi, Buhweju, Kalisizo Courts
HW Phillip Nzwebe speaking at the launch of the Small Claims Procedure at Buhweju Grade One Court

There are 93 Courts where Small Claims Procedure has been extended to, with Rubirizi, Buhweju and Kalisizo being the newest courts to embrace the initiative.

Judges; Hon. Justice Tadeo Asiimwe, Hon. Lady Justice Joyce Kavuma and Hon. Justice Moses Kazibwe presided over the launches in Rubirizi,Buhweju and Kalisizo Magistrates Courts respectively.

All events were attended by selected number of civic and religious leaders. 

In Rubirizi, leaders such as the LCV, Agabanshongorera Sylvester and the deputy RDC Bitariho Francis promised to be ambassadors.

The deputy Chief Administrative Officer Rubirizi, Linard Ahimbisibwe, thanked the Judiciary for the initiative. "Small debts have been an issue for a while, one can get murdered over failure to clear a debt aslittle as Shs5,000, but now that SCP is here, we shall inform the community on how to settle debts amicably," he said

He urged members of the public not to fear court. "Courts are here to give us justice, we from the government are working very well with the magistrate here." 

Hon. Justice Asiimwe urged the public to always use lawful means to resolve their disputes. "Let us not cause harm to others just because they cannot pay back a debt, just come to the Small Claims Court. Learn to embrace these court procedures because they are here to provide justice," he said. 

At Buhweju Magistrates Court, Hon. Lady Justice Kavuma said she believes SCP will assist in reducing case backlog.

She also thanked the LCV Chairperson, Mr. Asiimwe Juvenal for promising to get land to construct accommodation for Judicial Officers in the area.

Magistrate Grade One, HW Phillip Nzwebe was applauded for his diligence. "The magistrate has improved the Court's performance and was the glad that the Magistrate works well with the local leaders to deliver Justice to the people," RDC Peter Bisoborwa said. 

At Kalisizo court, the Chief Magistrate of Masaka, HW Charles Yeteise asked the people to embrace the procedure. "I'm encouraging thepeople of Kalisizo to embrace SCP, it's here to help the grassroot court user because it's affordable and sufficient," he said.

In his remarks, Hon. Justice Kazibwe made an observation that Masaka region has a huge problem with money lenders who take advantage of the illiterate."These people are a huge problem in this region, I'm advising you people to learn to write proper agreements when getting loans from these people.Whenever necessary, it's better to seek guidance from the LCs before you get played." 

Representing the RDC was also the District Internal Security Officer, Mr Hillary Niringire thanked the courts for bringing a procedure which does not require lawyers.The Ag. Assistant Registrar SCP, HW Lillian Bucyana, who attended all launches urged the different leaders to promote SCP because it's affordable and very efficient.

Posted 22nd, July 2020
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