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CR, SJ Hold All Registrars Meet
Group Photo: Participants at the All Registrars' Meeting at the High Court in Kampala
The Chief Registrar, HW Sarah Langa Siu on Friday (December 11, 2020) held her maiden meeting with all Registrars at the Judiciary Headquarters in Kampala. 

She said her intention is to build team work, share best practices and review performance. "The aim of this meeting is to build a winning team, the meeting is for us to bond because I want us to continue working together," she said.

Adding that the workshop would also help burn down the artificial walls that hinder effective operations and efficiency, in addition to providing a platform to share expectations.

HW Langa also stressed the need for integrity, time management, positivity, transparency and accountability amongst the Registrars if they’re to be good role models to the staff they manage.  

Also at the meeting, the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to Judiciary, Mr Pius Bigirimana, emphasized the need for Registrars to be exemplary leaders. "Leadership is about influencing others to do their work, it’s about team building, inspiring, coaching and mentoring," he shared. 

He urged them to add value to the stations where they’re posted rather than maintaining the status quo even when it is undesirable. 

Quoting J. F Kennedy, Mr Bigirimana stressed the importance of personal branding and leaving a legacy out of one’s public service tenure. 

He further urged judicial officers to exercise their mandate while allowing other technical staff to do theirs of supporting the work of adjudication. "For example, my job here is to give support to judicial officers to adjudicate. You can ring or text me any time, and we set up an appointment," he said. 

The Registrars, Deputy Registrars and Assistant Registrars, presented Management Reports covering all stations under their Divisions/Circuits. This included a summary of their workload, status of case backlog and strategies for reduction among others.

On September 25, the CR held a similarly meeting with Chief Magistrates.

Commissioner Engineering and Technical Services, Dr Ebal Christopher and Ag. Commissioner Human Resource, Mrs. Apophia N. Tumwine were among the members of Senior Management who attended the meeting.

After the meeting, the team proceeded to inspect the construction site of the Appellate Towers at the Judiciary Headquarters in Kampala.

Posted 11th, December 2020
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