Press Release

CJ visits US State Department, Congress

12th, October 2017
Washington DC: The Chief Justice Bart M. Katureebe on October 10, 2017 visited the United State of America's State Department where he held a high-level meeting with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Randy Berry. Read More »

CJ-World Bank Discuss Support to JLOS

11th, October 2017
Washington DC: The Chief Justice of Uganda, Hon. Justice Bart M. Katureebe, on October 10, 2017 held a high-level engagement with the World Bank on the resourcing Uganda's the Justice, Law and Order Sector. Read More »

IJM to Boost Uganda's Access to Justice Initiatives

10th, October 2017
WASHINGTON DC: United States-based International Justice Mission (IJM) renewed its commitment to develop Uganda's expertise for the efficient and professional administration of justice. Read More »

CJ in Two-Day Mediation Engagements in California

9th, October 2017
The Hon. the Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart M. Katureebe, had a two-day meeting in San Francisco, California related to prospects for the development of trial and appellate mediation.  Read More »

Judiciary, Ministry of Lands deliberate on Access to Land Justice

9th, October 2017
A cross-section of judicial officers has taken part in a workshop addressing access to land justice. Read More »

Northern Uganda Sensitized on Mediation

5th, October 2017
The Judiciary embarked on an aggressive sensitization campaign on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Read More »

JTI Conducts Gender Training for Judicial Officers

3rd, October 2017
At least 20 judicial officers are taking part in a three-day workshop in gender and violence against women and girls. Read More »

Judiciary Tips Stakeholders on Mediation

3rd, October 2017
The Judiciary is conducting a series of trainings on Mediation in different parts of the country aimed at building capacity. The first leg of training started today, October 3, 2017 in Gulu District. Read More »