Press Release

Hon. Judges Want Legal Framework to Include Appellate Mediation

4th, July 2016
Kampala. Judges have recommended for amendment of the laws and rules governing appeal processes to provide for mediation as a procedure in the administration and delivery of justice in the country.Read More »

Judiciary Allocates Shs 4b forCourt Sessions

20th, June 2016
Fort Portal.The Judiciary has ring-fenced Shs 4Bn in the next financial year for court sessions. A session refers to a court sitting involving hearing of criminal cases.Read More »

Chief Justice Launches Commercial Justice Reports

17th, June 2016
Kampala. The Chief Justice, Hon. Bart Katureebe has implored government to increase funding towards the Judiciary to improve its efficiency.Read More »

Judiciary Trains Judicial Officers on Mediation

13th, June 2016
The Principal Judge Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine on June 13, 2016 opened a five day training workshop at the Kabira Country Club. Read More »

Judiciary Unveils its Five Year ICT Strategy

7th, June 2016
The Judiciary on June 7, 2016 unveiled its five-year Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategy through which it intends to improve access to Justice Read More »

Corruption to Blame for Case Backlog

30th, May 2016
The Chief Inspector of Courts, Hon. Justice Augustine Nshimye, said corruption and having fewer High Court sessions are the main causes of the huge case backlogs in courts.Read More »

Principal Judge, Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine Visit to Kigo prison

30th, May 2016
Inmates at Kigo Prison petitioned the Hon. Principal Judge, Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine over the Judiciary's newly introduced plea bargain package as a means of conflict resolution, specifically criticizing the tone it is rendered.Read More »

Court Convicts 8 of the Kampala Bomb Suspects, Acquits 5

27th, May 2016
The High Court in Kampala on Thursday 26, May 2016 convicted 8 people suspected of having masterminded the July 2010 Lugogo twin blasts that killed over 70 people who were watching World Cup finals. Read More »