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In the Judiciary - Instituing a Civil Suit Part II

12th, March 2013

At a hearing, the parties are entitled to a fair, speedy and public hearing before an independent and impartial court (magistrate or judge)

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Judiciary Plans to Establish a Land Court

6th, March 2013

The Judiciary is planning to establish a land court, the Hon. Chief Justice Hon. Justice Benjamin Odoki has revealed.

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In the Judiciary - Instituting A Civil Suit Part I

4th, March 2013

There are many people in Uganda today who do not know how to protect their rights simply because they donít know how to institute a civil suit.

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Lawyers Urged to go Pro Bono

1st, March 2013

The Principal Judge, the Hon. Justice Yorokamu Bamwine, has urged advocates to occasionally represent clients free of charge. Hon. Justice Bamwine said this would ensure poor people, who are the majority, get justice during the annual Uganda Law Society Pro Bono Day in Kampala.

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In the Judiciary: Granting Bail

11th, February 2013

Bail is the release from custody by a court of law of a person accused of a criminal offence after such person has entered a recognizance consisting of a bond with or without sureties, for a reasonable sum of money to the effect that he or she would appear before court for his or her trial.

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JLOS holds 17th Annual Government of Uganda/Development Partners Sector Review

10th, October 2012
The Justice, Law and Order Sector on September 27 2012 held the 17th Annual Government of Uganda and Development Partners Review at Imperial Royale Hotel.
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