Execution and Bailiffs Division

The Execution and Bailiffs Division comprises of  at least one Judge as its Head and a Registrar to handle all matters relating to the enforcement of court orders, execution of court decisions and to regulate the operations of Court Bailiffs in execution of the Court process in Uganda. The division is located at Plot 3 Portal Avenue in Kampala, between Shumuk House(former Blacklines House) and Workers House.

In due course, after a pilot study, the operational benefits of this Division could then be rolled out to the rest of the Country. For the start the Division activities shall cover the following areas:

1.High Court Divisions (namely: Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Family, Land, Anti-Corruption and International Crimes Divisions);

2.High Court circuit Nakawa

3.Kampala Chief Magisterial Area (Buganda Road and Mengo Chief Magistrate Courts);

4. Nabweru Chief Magisterial area

5. Makindye Magisterial area

The business of the Division comprises all actions arising out of or connected with enforcement of Court orders through execution, and shall supervise and perform oversight over the operations of Court Bailiffs in such matters, and shall exercise such other functions including but not limited to :-

1. Issuing Warrants of Execution including Wan-ants of Attachment, Warrants of Arrest, Warrants to give vacant possession/eviction under Order 22 of the Civil.

2. Procedure Rules, and garnishee orders under Order 23 of the Civil Procedure Rules;

3. Issuing of other execution orders as may be required by any court;

4. Issuing distress under the Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Act;

5. Taxation of bills of cost;

6. Carrying out quality assurance audits of Bailiffs offices and stores to ensure compliance with industry and institutional standards;

7. Formulation and review of guidelines on execution of Court decisions consultation with the Management structures of the Judiciary as well as stakeholders;

8. Monitoring and coordinating executions with other stakeholders;

9. Supervision of executions including random on spot visits to sites of executions;

10. Keeping and maintaining inventory of executions;

11. Conducting regular meetings with Bailiffs and other stakeholders to review the performance of executions and making recommendations to guide policy reforms;

12. Preparing and filing monthly returns and reports;

13. Ensuring the safety in movement and storage of files for execution and returning them to their Divisions/Courts after execution;

14. Coordinating with the Judicial Studies Institute and development partners to provide trainings and other capacity building assistance to the Division staff in best practices in execution of Court orders;

15. Oversee the discipline of Court Bailiffs and recommendation of errant Court Bailiffs to the Disciplinary Committee for Bailiffs for punitive action;

16. Evaluate and recommend applicants for appointment as Bailiffs, serving ones for renewal of their licenses;

17. Perform any other functions as directed by the Management.