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Judiciary Deploys Newly Promoted Judicial Officers

The Judiciary has shuffled 42 judicial officers at the rank of Registrars and Magistrates. The changes affect mainly the recently appointed officers on promotion, plus a few others on transfer.

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Chief Justice Swears in New Judicial Officers

The Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny - Dollo, on Monday (July 12, 2021) officiated the swearing-in of two new Judicial Officers who were appointed to the lower bench by the Judicial Service Commission. 

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JSC Promotes 32 Judicial Officers

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has promoted 32 judicial officers in the magistracy and registrar ranks. 

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PJ Witnesses' Deplorable Conditions in Courts Under Mukono High Court

Unless you experience it, it is tough to believe the conditions of some of the courts under the Mukono High Court circuit. These are tales of a court operated by one person, and another without premises.

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Criminal Division Appreciates Staff Retired Judges Kwesiga, Senoga

On Friday June 4, 2021, judicial officers and staff at the Criminal Division gathered at Roots Restaurant to bid farewell to Judges; Wilson Kwesiga and Flavia Anglin Senoga. 

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Court of Appeal to Handle 30 Criminal Appeals

The Court of Appeal has today (May 31, 2021) started hearings of 30 criminal appeals in a session that will last two weeks.

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