Inspectorate of Courts

The Inspectorate of Courts is situated at the High Court of Uganda premises, Plot 2 the Square, just above the Constitutional Square in Kampala.

The Inspectorate of Court is currently manned by 3 Registrars namely; the Inspector of Courts, the Deputy Inspector of Courts and the Assistant Inspector of Courts. They are assisted by 8 support staff namely; the Personal Secretary, Office Supervisor, Research Assistant, Records Assistant, 2 Drivers, Process Server, and Office Attendant.


The mandate of the Inspectorate is to monitor and evaluate the performance of Judicial Officers and other staff and court facilities. In the performance of the above mandate, the Inspectorate performs the following functions:-

i)     Investigate and evaluating of complaints from the public.

ii)     Conducting regular court inspections.

iii)    Evaluating the performance of Magistrates and other judicial staff.

iv)   Identify performance bottlenecks that impede effective delivery of justice.

v)    Analyzing court returns to determine the efficiency of court operations.

vi) Producing and disseminating information to the public about the operations of the courts.