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CJ Opens Induction of New Judges
Hon. Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny - Dollo, Chief Justice at the opening of the newly appointed Judge's induction

The Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny - Dollo, has this evening presided over the opening ceremony of a two-week residential induction of the new Acting Judges of the High Court organized by Judicial Training Institute (JTI) at Imperial Golf View Hotel, Entebbe.

The Executive Director JTI, Hon. Lady Justice Damalie N Lwanga while welcoming the Chief Justice noted that the main objective of the induction was to equip the new Judges with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for their job. 

"The course is designed to cover the most salient aspects that a Judge is likely to face in the course of dispensing justice, and to ensure that the new Judges keep abreast with the new developments in jurisprudence," she said.

While addressing the Acting Judges, the Chief Justice reminded them that Judiciary's core duty was to adjudicate. 

"I therefore invite all of you to faithfully embrace this obligation, while being guided by the law and the time-tested judicial practice," he said.

The Chief Justice appealed to the Judges to appreciate the socio-economic settings in order to operate and hand down decisions that are appropriate and acceptable to the communities they serve. 

He added that the Constitution directs them to ensure that the aspirations of the people of Uganda are taken into account in their delivery of justice.

The Chief Justice urged the Judges to pay attention to the plight of those in prisons, cases that directly impact on the country's economic development programmes, and matters that touch on socio-economic livelihood of the people.

Giving a citation from a great Greek Statesman Socrates, the Chief Justice advised the Judges to hear cases courteously, answer wisely, consider soberly and decide impartially when dispensing Justice.

The CJ also called upon the participants to serve with utmost humility and integrity; and makeup right decisions without fear, favor, malice, discrimination or ill-will. Adding that he believed that they were all persons of high moral standing and that they have what it takes to drive the Judiciary along its veracious path.

In attendance was Hon. Justice Musa Ssekaana, (Head Civil Division), HW Prossy Katushabe, Ag Registrar Judicial Training Institute, Deputy Registrar HW Gladys Nakibuule, HW Patricia Amoko (Private Legal Secretary to CR), Ag Deputy Registrar HW Mulalira Faisal Umar among others.

The Chief Registrar, HW Sarah Langa moderated the ceremony.

Posted 13th, November 2023
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