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Pepperdine Interns Meet with The Chief Registrar

May 30 2024: The Chief Registrar, HW Sarah Langa Siu, met with nine (9) Pepperdine interns in her chambers at the High Court building, Headquarters, Kampala.

The interns were accompanied by Mr. Scott Leist, East Africa Director at Pepperdine Caruso Law,a nd Ms. Hope Dease, Assistant Director of Advocacy and Marketing.

The Chief Registrar gave an overview of the Judiciary and the functions of the Chief Registrar. She also gave a brief on the transformation agenda of the Judiciary. 

She informed the interns that her office oversees 12 registries and arranges most of the events, public, and stakeholder engagements.

She welcomed the interns to the Judiciary and expressed hope that the Judiciary could learn from their experiences.

Mr. Scott thanked the Chief Registrar for having them and for explaining the functions of her office to the interns.

In attendance, HW Patricia Amoko, the Private Legal Secretary to the Chief Registrar.

Posted 30th, May 2024
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