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Criminal Division Appreciates Staff Retired Judges Kwesiga, Senoga

On Friday June 4, 2021, judicial officers and staff at the Criminal Division gathered at Roots Restaurant to bid farewell to Judges; Wilson Kwesiga and Flavia Anglin Senoga. 

They also formally welcomed the new Head of Division and his deputy, Justices, Hon. Justice Michael Elubu and Hon. Justice Tadeo Asiimwe. 

Hon. Justice Kwesiga shared that his journey as a Judge was miraculous. "My journey as a vessel of justice started way back when I was a State Attorney, and then I became Judge...I went on to participate in the process of setting up the Kabale High Court circuit," he said.

He said his secret has always been identifying the people he works with and creating a team to succeed him. Hon. Justice Kwesiga said since his appointment as a judge, it is a management style that has enabled him to have the same bodyguard and driver over the years. 

He thanked the Principal Judge for allowing him to step down as Head of the Division before retirement to give ample time for orienting his successor.

"I am retiring from being a Judge and Court Hall Lawyer, a job I believe I have performed well since 1983. I, therefore, wish to go and practice Mediation and Pro bono because I find my greatest pleasure in ‘returning what has been crookedly taken, using the law", he said.

Hon. Justice Kwesiga called upon his successors to consider Juvenile Justice's area and make it their area of interest. "Children are innocently kept behind bars, and by the time the law comes to them, it's too late. We need to take an extra mile while making investigations regarding children, counsel their parents and reconcile them with each other.

He further tasked the Judiciary Administration to think about inducting Magistrates G1 and Chief Magistrates to reduce overturned judgements in the higher Courts. He further advised that if a judgment is overturned in the higher courts, the same judgment should be sent back to the lower court judges to identify the problem.

On her part, Hon. Lady Justice Anglin Senoga appreciated the efforts extended to her during her stay at the Division.

"Sometimes, I used to find some of you in corridors and you tried to step aside for me to pass. That’s not the case, but the truth is you have made me retire peacefully and happily," she noted. 

Her counsel encouraged them to do good to all, for no one knows what tomorrow brings. "When a bird is alive, it eats ants, and when it dies, the ants eat it. Please be unjust to no man and show meekness to all people," she said.

The administrative staff attached to both judges expressed their gratitude for mentorship and the judges' unwavering kindness.

HW Kaitesi Mary Kisakye appreciated the good counsel, guidance and mentorship extended to her by the two Judges during her service at the Division.

"I had never worked with Judges who protect you like their own like Hon. Justice Kwesiga and Hon. Lady Justice Anglin. Problem-solving and doing things right are virtues I learnt from you and cherished", she added.

The Head of the Division and his Deputy, together with the DR, appreciated the great efforts rendered by the party's organizing committee and emphasized the need for teamwork for the common goal of justice delivery.

There was a gift-giving session to the outgoing and transferred Judges, which climaxed with cake cutting amidst cheers.

Hon. Justice Kwesiga offered a motorcycle to his office attendant, one Mr Kayanja, for the timely tremendous work he has done.

Hon. Lady Justice Dr Winfred Nabisinde and Deputy Registrar Criminal Division HW Festo Nsenga were present at the do.

Posted 4th, June 2021
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